Speaking of inequality of marriage, most of people will think of gay marriage. It is a good start to talk about how they need to be accepted. For example, if you are gay in china or other Asian country, you can’t be with someone has the same gender as you. Not only the society does not accept it, but also family does not allow it. There are thousands of examples of gays being sent to hospital because their family think they are crazy or committed suicide. Personally speaking, in the past, one male has more than one wife in the past is another example inequality of marriage. Most female does not have the choice to choose who they want to marry because of the society. Other example, like Romeo and Juliet, because of the family issue, they can not be together. Everyone they deserves the right to be whoever they like.


It is obvious that Euthanasia is important for the animal shelters, when the animals are too old, sick or aggressive to be adopted. They will be euthanized. Apparently, Euthanasia sounds really merciless. Although animals does not have the choice to choose rather be euthanized or not, human does. Because everyone has the right to choose how they want to end their life. It is kind of different for the criminals. Personal speaking, Euthanasia should be legalized for the death penalty. Even need to die, why not die in a happy way.


September 16, 2016 at 6:54 am

Pablo’s Blog-Binge Drinking

It is unique that you start your introduction through telling the readers about your personal experience. It is quite convincing to some people that they think about they are adults because they just turned 18. It is true that Binge drinking is a problem for most of people.Personally speaking, example of AA(Alcoholics anonymous) is a good way to let people to understand the problems of alcohol. Most people in AA know how alcohol ruined their life. It is a start to let people know the true story and experience.


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