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Social media simplifies and accelerates communication between diverse groups of people all over the world. It provides access to information that spreads worldwide, uniting the world. Because of the convenience of social media, some young people start to rely on it, letting it become the most important part of their lives. However, the majority of … Continue reading Social media



yvesmeester September 16, 2016 at 3:31 am Emily's Blog-Marriage Equality   Speaking of inequality of marriage, most of people will think of gay marriage. It is a good start to talk about how they need to be accepted. For example, if you are gay in china or other Asian country, you can’t be with someone … Continue reading Comments


Topic: Social media  MAIN CLAIM Social media should be limited in order for young people to have good mental health Because…… PREMISE1: Social media causes people to lose their communication skills. PREMISE2: Social media can lead to social anxiety in young people. PREMISE3: Young people face the pressure of cyberbullying. COUNTER-CLAIM Social media provides oppotunities … Continue reading Plan